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Preservation Brief 2, “Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings Robert C. Mack, FAIA with John P. Speweik

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The purpose of this Brief is to provide general guidance on appropriate materials and methods for repointing historic masonry buildings and it is intended to benefit building owners, architects, and contractors. The Brief should serve as a guide to prepare specifications for repointing historic masonry buildings. It should also help develop sensitivity to the particular needs of historic masonry, and to assist historic building owners in working cooperatively with architects, architectural conservators and historic preservation consultants, and contractors.

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Pre-construction testing services provided to DSF to assist in determining the scope of work required to restore the most significant stone historic buildings at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, North and South Halls ca. 1849

Condition Assessment Report - Clapp Piers, Wichita, Kansas

Condition Assessment Report – Clapp Piers, Wichita, Kansas

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This report contains information about the existing conditions of the historic brick masonry piers at Wellington Place in Wichita, Kansas. Historic preservation treatment of ca. 1912 brick masonry piers with recommendations for materials and methods are included.

On-the-wall interview at North Hall ca. 1849 – who gets the job

On-the-wall interview at North Hall ca. 1849 – who gets the job?

Print: $20.00 – Pages: 20,  step-by-step picture book; 3-sets per order

A test panel was installed to gain insight to the steps required to remove the existing cement ribbon joints and evaluation to determine the feasibility of the design approach, material matching, texture and finish profiles of the stone and workmanship.

Rehabilitation of the Minisa 13th Street bridge in the heart of Wichita Kansas was a community undertaking that entailed the efforts of many dedicated people, contractors, agencies and even the governments of foreign countries. Part engineering part artistic sculpture, no where in the Midwest is there such a work of incredible art in the form of an ordinary bridge. The restoration effort spanned four years and several million dollars. Read what it took to do the job right – the first time! The book is the actual job log taking you step-by-step into the progress meetings, contractors challenges and mis-matches and mistakes that were corrected along the way to make this rehabilitation project the one that earned the coveted Kansas State’s Engineers Award in 2008.

The History of Masonry Mortar in America 1720-1995

The History of Masonry Mortar in America 1720-1995

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History of Masonry Mortar in America 1720-1995 documents the last 275 years of the evolution of ingredients. The book assists architects and builders in modern times to match mortar formulations when they are engaged in work that requires authentic replication of original material for the restoration of historic masonry buildings. This 3rd edition also features the birth of natural cement, hydraulic lime, historic Portland cement and the history on the beginnings of ASTM in 1898.