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Speweik Preservation Tools

This tool set is specifically designed to assist contractors to carefully remove mortar joints in historic masonry buildings – and protect surrounding masonry units from damage during the process of the work. The size of the hammer and select custom chisels are small and compact and deliver adequate power for the job.

NOTE: It is not a demolition tool. Operators should be trained in its specific use for maximum productivity. Includes a one pneumatic hammer, eight (8) chisels {3-steel and 5-carbide}, striking cap, leather gloves, air hose, quick connectors, tool apron, and a 3-hole manifold for simultaneous 3-hammer operations.

Center-Cut-Method Pneumatic Mortar Removal Set

The technique of cutting the center of a cement bed joint then removing the remaining material by hand chisel is defined as the Center-Cut-Method. This mortar removal approach is referenced in the Preservation Brief No.2, “Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings” U.S. Department of the Interior, Technical Preservation Services, Washington, DC., 1998, page 9.

  • ½-B Barre Short Stroke Pneumatic Hammer (lifetime warrantee)
  • ⅛” Steel Swept Super Tooth [Item Code: AD121218S]   (pictured below)
  • 3/16” Steel Swept Cape [Item Code: D1212-3/16in]
  • ¼” Steel Swept Cape [Item Code: D1212-1/4in]
  • ¼” Carbide-tip Cape [Item Code: D1212 CT]
  • 3/8” Carbide-tip Cape [Item Code: D1212 CT]
  • ¾” Carbide-tip Marble Cutting [Item Code: #34-12 CT]
  • 1-⅟2” Carbide-tip Marble Cutting [Item Code: #1-1/2-12 CT]
  • 5/8” Carbide-tip 4-Teeth Ripper [Item Code: G5812-4 CT
  • Leather Vibration Glove (Left Hand – size LG) [Item Code: GLAS V15006LG V440-LH]
  • Leather Vibration Glove (Right Hand – size LG) [Item Code: GLAS V15005LG V440-RH]
  • 3/8” Hi-Duty Hose – ten feet in length (10ft.) w/Hose Nipple and ABS Stopcock Assembly
  • APT/Mortar Joint Removal Literature T&H Pneumatic Mortar removal Chisel Set Owner’s Manual
  • Staubli Quick Connect, Female End
  • Staubli Quick Connect, Male ¼”

Contractor Price: $885.65/set
Shipping and handling not included

Place Orders: 224-856-7449
Item codes are provide for re-ordering individual chisels when required

  • ½” Shank Detachable Striking Cap
  • Canvas Tool Apron
  • 3-Hole Air Manifold ¼” FPT
  • Pint of Pneumatic Tool Oil

1/8” Steel Swept Super Tooth Chisel: A custom fabricated chisel designed to remove lime mortar from tight bed joints in brickwork. This pneumatic chisel is used to also remove head joints by end-on approach. Chisel thickness 1/8” Steel construction and can be sharpen at the site during use.